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Good is the new best.


Seth says that a “good” product is the worst thing you can be given as a marketer.

As often is the case, Seth is being idealistic and antagonistic to illicit response.

Clearly, nobody who has ethics wants to market bad products. However, being given a good but apparently unexceptional product is in fact the ultimate challenge for the ethical marketer. How do you build a tribe for a product that is not obviously exceptional? How do you persuade others that there is merit in believing in this product as opposed to others, even if it is only good enough? Finding the remarkable in the apparently mundane takes skill and passion and an understanding of what turns people on.

Being given a remarkable product is far worse situation for a marketing professional: since the product basically sells itself, the most you can hope for is that you don’t mess things up too badly. And where’s the fun in that?

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