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Is there such a thing as bad publicity?

I work in the Global Marketing team at Nokia. We produce Global-level marketing assets and suchlike, but sometimes we get surprised by things that happen on a local level. One such example was last week when a campaign was launched in UK to star in a bedroom scene with Pamela Anderson – all shot in HD on the Nokia N8.

It certainly earned media, generating a lot of tweets and even more Facebook links. And it did something that is quite hard to achieve for a marketing project: it earned mainstream (tabloid) press from Brixton to Brooklyn.

The response was mostly quite negative. Comments such as: “absolutely unbelieveable. Nokia cant get to such low standards… a Porn star to promote a flagship product of Nokia.. something is seriously wrong at nokia” were unfortunately quite common.

So it may have been in bad taste. Certainly it is not the kind of marketing people expect from Nokia, but that means it disrupted expectations, which is not a bad thing. Also, in fairness, it did get the point across that the Nokia N8 has a fantastic home-video camera.

I personally agree with many of the commenters that it’s a bad choice of actress. It doesn’t sit well with me, and is inconsistent with some of the global campaign work we’ve been doing (more on that coming soon)

But I could be wrong, and this may have actually done little long-term damage and actually done a great job of getting us into the papers at just the right time before Nokia World.

I guess time will tell if this kind of stunt actually helps or hinders our marketing efforts.

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