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You and I are gonna live forever.

We are some way from achieving biological immortality. But, as we share more and more of ourselves online, our digital presences and relationships will outlive us all.

A friend of mine died recently. It was incredibly sad as he was only 33, and it happened so unexpectedly.

But something happened that was a very new experience for me. My friend’s Facebook page became a sort of social shrine. Hundreds of messages started flooding on to his wall from people who wanted to share their feelings with others who were also in mourning.

At least for me, it turned into quite a positive and totally social experience: There was something uplifting about seeing this man’s spirit live on in the photos, messages, and minds of so many who knew him.

What used to be merely a cliché – that we all live on in people’s memories – showed itself to be quite literally true, thanks to people’s newfound willingness to share their feelings on the web for others to see.

As the web learns more and more info about you and your habits, I guess the remaining question is: what do you want your digital legacy to be? Does it change the way you act when you consider that everything you are doing online (and soon maybe everything you are doing anywhere) is being stored for eternity?

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