Key dates in the history of the Interent.

(someone at work asked me to pull together a quick timeline of some key dates for the internet. I had a go. Tell me if I’ve: got something wrong; added something irrelevant; missed something vital)

1969 first host-to-host transmission happens in California

1972 First emails sent

1973 The term “Internet” is used

1991 The World-Wide Web (WWW) released by CERN, developed but Tim Berners-Lee. The same year as the first GSM call was made in Tampere, Finland.

1992 Al Gore talks about building “The Information Superhighway”.

1993 Netscape, the first commercially successful browser, is released

1994 Amazon is founded

1995 JAVA programming language is created by Sun Microsystems

1995 Yahoo is founded, providing web search engine, email, mapping

1996 The first mobile phone connected to the Internet – the Nokia 9000 Communicator – was launched in Finland

1997 The first weblogs appear, later termed Blogs.

1998 Google is founded, with its breakthrough search algorithm.

2000 The first internet bubble “bursts”…

2001 Wikipedia is launched

2001 First commercial launch of 3G in Japan.

2004 Facebook is launched

2005 Youtube is launched

2006 Twitter is launched

2007 The iPhone is launched

2009 40th birthday of the internet. Angry Birds released.

2010 Pinterest is launched

2011 Twitter and Facebook are the primary means of communication for the Middle East revolutions.

2012 Draw Something is released, getting 50 million downloads in its first 50 days. Instagram gets to 13 staff, and sells for 1 billion dollars to Facebook.

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