Is this the worst ad in Finnish history?

This piece of work appeared at my father-in-law’s restaurant, inside a cardboard tube with some extra-cheap beads as a gift.

Best Worst Ad Ever

In order to entice people to use their firm’s advertising services, it basically says: ad men will take the shirt from your back, and the time of the dinosaurs is over.

How very, very true.

Throw in some sexist photography and some rather racist references to “medicine men being from Africa” and ad men “being greedier than Ahmed Ahne”, and you have yourself a mighty fine advertisement for the firm, and for the Finnish advertising industry!

ps the colours were truly spectacular too, but unfortunately i’ve only got a black and white scanner…

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6 thoughts on “Is this the worst ad in Finnish history?

  1. Ms. Jen says:

    And the photo, taken in the 1990s.

    Either the creator of the ad has a broken irony bone & thinks it is whole, or as you say, the worst ad.


  2. Dude, I’d like to see it in large but I can’t (not in your Ovi public channel). The ad is horrible and the agency a little bit dubious, though I have to say I have seen worse.

  3. dagood says:

    @Ms Jen it was truly awful.

    @Chiva Congelado: hopefully fixed it now so you can see it in large 🙂 ps i’m pretty sure this is the worst you’ve seen. you maybe need to see it colour to get the full, A4 effect!

  4. […] accross this jewel in Dan’s blog, and couldn’t help but comment on it.  With cringe-worthy photography, design that even I […]

  5. Maquiavel says:

    Naaaaaaah… I’ve seen worse, yet done with a much bigger budget. At least this was rather cheap to make.

    BTW, Ahmed Ahne is no other than the one who wants to be Caliph instead of the Caliph! 😀

  6. Darrel Petty says:

    Really awesome post. Honest.

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