What took you so long?

Ever since I joined Nokia in 2004, I’ve probably had a reason to blog: in fact the first product I worked on, Nokia Lifeblog, was one of the very earliest mobile blogging tools. Two of the awesome people I worked with, Charlie and Christian, used personal blogs as a very effective way to communicate about the product – they were way ahead of their time in terms of what we now call Social Media Marketing.

Charlie still writes his personal blog, but now is also in charge of the frankly very impressive Nokia Conversations blog – which, in my probably totally biased opinion, is one of the best corporate blogs out there (NB I’m not generally a fan of corporate blogs, but Charlie is getting the right mix of information release, real behind-the-scenes stories, and also authentic personal style). The blog is quite new, but it seems to be doing quite a good job. Perhaps it is getting it right because it followed the advice of listening first, thinking some, and then finally blogging last.

I actually did start to blog a couple of times, and wrote an internal Nokia blog for a while, but I didn’t feel right. It didn’t feel authentic. Basically, I think I wasn’t ready. I didn’t think I had anything useful to share.

So instead: I observed; soaked it all up; read voraciously; listened.

But now I think I am ready to start blogging for real. I am not expecting the blog to stack up against my blogging heroes in terms of reach or in terms of the depth of my analysis. But I do feel as though I can do the following:

1. Collect together my thoughts in one place. I have sent numerous emails to colleagues telling them about cool marketing project or a fascinating piece of research I’ve read, and I’ve often thought to myself: that should be a blog post. Well now it can be. And it can act as a memory/summary tool for me.

2. Perhaps most importantly, I can give some sort of inside perspective about Nokia. Obviously I’m not going to be leaking any products any time soon (and actually, I’m not the best person to ask about products anyway). But I can discuss marketing campaigns, strategies, how we engage with Social Media etc. I am also particularly keen to get involved in the discussions about Mobile Social Media – not just to help my 2009 prediction come true 😉 I think I am well placed to do that, and to talk about how Nokia is pushing things forward.

3. I now feel as though I can enter the conversation with validity. When commenting on blogs before I felt like a fraud, as I could never leave a blog address where someone could see I was a real person with real views. I have of course commented, but not as much as I would like. Also, I have always been worried about getting involved as a Nokia employee. It’s awkward to have to point out that I work for Nokia, but now anyone can see this (or indeed whatever company I am working for) on my blog.

4. Finally, I want to start writing in sentences again. I know that this is a list (and I am sure there will be many lists), but I at least want to try to do writing that does not fit neatly on to a bloody powerpoint slide.


2 thoughts on “What took you so long?

  1. Ms. Jen says:

    Hi Danny,

    Bravo! I am glad to see you blogging in public!

    Whether you blog about marketing, social media, your deep inner thoughts on (insert fun or weird interest set), or even moblog a few photos ;o) – good on you and have fun with it.

    One of the things that I love about Charlie’s blog (whether when it was in two as Cognections & Lifeblog, or now as it is one) is how his interest sets have evolved and intersected over time. Thus, when Nokia Conversations started it was the iterated,fleshed out corporate version of what Charlie had been doing with his interest in mobile & the social media at Lifeblog (not the product, but his typepad blog).

    If you find yourself getting bogged down or a bit discouraged, sign up for one of the monthly NaBloPoMo challenges – http://www.nablopomo.com – as there is nothing like daily blogging to get the juices moving or completely frozen up.

    smiles, jen ;o)

  2. Hey Dan,

    GREAT to discover you have a blog, even better to find out that you’ve only just started it, (the instant panic of ‘What?! How am I not reading his blog already?!’


    Thanks for your comment on my most recent post. Nicely put re: ‘traditional marketers’ because as you know, traditional marketing this most certainly is not.


    You’re the latest addition to my Google Reader man, hope you’re keeping well. Hit me up next time you’re over. I’m aiming for a return trip to Hel in July..

    But I’m sure you’ll read about it nearer the time

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